Sep 27, 2015

How to save the battery power of your golf cart?

As the living standard grows, golf is not only one sport, but one kind of communication. Golfer can also talk about business while playing golf, which is one elegant way. Electric golf cart is the necessary traffic tools in golf course, then, how to driver it much farther? Here are 5 tips from Marshell technology team.

1, lighten the load weight if you can.
Everyone knows that it will consume more power if the electric golf cart body is weighter, so we need to consider lighten the weight if you can.

2, Avoid sudden brake.
As the main power supply of electric golf cart is lead battery, short time and high efficiency stimulation will not only increase the discharging efficiency and lower the battery capacity, it also caused the damage on controller and braking components.

3. Normal speed driving make safe and energy-saving.
For all the electric vehicles, we should drive them at stable speed if the road condition and traffic condition are permitted, while we have our own good driving habit. It is good to loose accelerator pedal and keep the present speed after the golf cart moves and speed up.

4, keep the tires high pressure.
From many experiences, when tires are with higher pressure, it will not only decrease the bumps and remove the inconvenience because of particles, but also reduce the COF between tires and road, to lengthen the driving distance.

5.Charge the golf cart at fixed period.
For golf cart batteries, to make sure that the batteries have no loss of capacity and discharging problem, we must charge the batteries at fixed period and decrease the damage because of loosen of capacity. Meanwhile, inject vitriolic acid to enlarge the inside activity and improve the usability.

Hope your Marshell electric golf cart run farther after you follow the tips from Marshell technology team.

Sep 25, 2015

The development history of electric classic car

Since 2000, electric classic car have got much improve because of the good-looking, performance and zero emissions. Electric classic car has more developing room as people appeal to save energy and decrease emissions more and more powerfully and related energy-saving rules issues. It is widely used properties, attractions and business street etc public areas. Now lets realize the development processes.

Fuel period, talking about the prelife of the electric classic car, everyone knows that it is the fuel powered classic car launched by oversea brand such as BMW in 1980s or 1990s. It is nostalgic product in EU countries. From law, one car lives more than 30 years and can work till now, which is called classic car.

Electric period, more people would like to have one electric classic car as vintage style is more and more powerful in people’s life. But because of its high price, many consumers think it a great task. At this time, some Chinese manufacturers found this big market and they launched one new electric vehicle with appearance similar with the traditional classic car, after improving the manufacturing processes, raw material and engining way. It is powered by electric energy, with zero emissions, low noises, high performance and max speed at 25km/h, totally only several tens of thousands RMB. There are totally dozens of manufacturer of electric classic car in China, offering several thousands classic cars per year.

It takes only 10 years that the classic car developed fast from fuel powered to gas powered. Many advantages make the percentage in market higher and higher, and we believe that it will replace many fuel powered cars in the near future.

Sep 24, 2015

Golf cart marketing is greatly potential

Golf cart, divided onto electric golf cart and gas golf cart, is specially developed and designed for golf course, and it can also be used on holiday village, villa district, garden hotel and touring spots, etc. As China economic’s development, golf is received by more people, thus, golf cart has a wider marketing room.

Analyst from Champ industry told that, golf cart industry develops a little slower these couple years because of financial crisis, but the new opportunity of golf industry is coming as the economic’s rapid development goes on and international financial crisis decreases.

As the technology for golf cart is improved higher and the end demand market is bigger, both home and international golf cart markets look very good. Recently years, Golf industry in China developed fast, home consumption increases a lot. Therefore, most manufacturers produce other vehicles or sports equipments as well as golf carts and golf trolleys. In addition, China is one of the biggest suppliers of golf cart, golf equipments and related products, and many golf equipments are exported to all over the world each year.

At the same time, the enterprises joining golf industry become more and raw material prices are higher, so the benefits of golf industry decrease, and the golf carts marketing is more competitive.

From Investment Report of 2014-2017 China Golf Cart Marketing, the development of golf industry is greatly potential, and the number of golf course is bigger in future. It causes the development of golf cart industry and products consumptions keep increasing.

Sep 22, 2015

Electric tourist bus is main traveling tools for tourists in Gold Week

As the new National Day Golden Week is coming, friends intending to travel may have been already working for travel plan. It is clearly foreseeable that the major scenic spots will be crowed again in this year's Golden Week, and electric tourist buses will continue to be the main traveling tools for the important task of improving the efficiency of tourists and tourism experience in the tourist attractions, the main playground of transport, etc.

Electric tourist bus, is the tourist sightseeing vehicle powered by lead battery. Thus, its main advantages are the environmentally clean and without any pollution, no exhaust emissions and pungent smell of fuel vehicle. It not only helps to protect the environment, tourist attractions, but also let tourists' travel experience much better. In addition, electric tourist bus is designed to facilitate visitors to travel and tour, so it is not closed or semi-closed. The vehicle is designed chassis plus a ceiling, surrounded by welding on four pillars, which can reach 360 degrees viewing without sight impairment.

Electric tourist bus is for tourists shuttling in the scenic spots, so it's very distinctive design to attract people's attention from the visual, truly both beautiful and practical. Electric tourist bus itself is a beautiful landscape, bringing more tourism scenic highlights, get the majority of tourist attractions of all ages to become standard on almost all the scenic spots.

In the near Golden Week, electric tourist bus will also become the main traveling tools, faithfully carrying many tourists riding, toward a magical unknown world!